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HMRC may investigate A Courier Company about the Low Pay of its Workers!

Controversy in the courier business

Ordering taxis, takeaways and buying clothes are now there at the touch of a button these days and being flexible is the norm more and more, simply put our way of life is changing. Also the way we spend our money and how we work is changing too and the use of the mobile phone is becoming such a pivotal application for our everyday lives. This has now affected the courier business and one UK company has come under review with regards to how much it`s drivers and couriers are being paid. The question is are they being paid at least the MINIMUM WAGE in carrying out their duties?

Prime Minister Teresa May when she took over from David Cameron this year had talked about the nation looking after everybody and not just for the elite and she would back the HMRC to make sure everybody would earn a decent wage. With this said Frank Field MP and Chairman of the Works and Pensions Committee wrote to the Prime Minster about this subject of minimum wage. Also Frances O' Grady, General Secretary of the British Trade Union Congress wanting to send a direct message to big business and the way they treated their employees and the minimum wage and stated "you're next, we are going to shine a light on you" with reference to companies that employ a fleet of couriers.

One ex courier for this company had stated that she wasn't self employed and she was told what to do and when to do things and would loose rounds if she didn't do as she was told, which in her eyes and the eyes of many didn't seem like being self employed. There has been a flood of complaints from ex couriers of the firm about how they were ""treated like dirt" when they were employed or had contracted employment so to speak with the firm.

The company in question made a statement to the effect that their couriers were legitimately self employed and would go later to say that if they fell below minimum wage then they would be paid more if that was the case. With the possible intervention of the HMRC and a certain outcome in favour of the workers then this could have ripples throughout the industries that use this method of employing workers e.g. Uber and Deliveroo. The status of the workers could be uncertain for some time to come!

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