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NotPetya cyber attack causing problems in the industry

In June, a leading courier firm was hit by a NotPetya cyber attack and they are still struggling with the manual processes. They are ‘up to the ceiling’ in undelivered parcels and increasingly frustrated customers.

"this is a stark reminder of the danger posed by cyber-crime." (Mike Cherry FSB national chairman)

Firms this size rely almost entirely on computer data for the smooth running of their business. With crucial documents lost and customers having to resubmit them, they are finding it difficult to clear the back log. The parcel delivery company is unable to provide accurate delivery times during this chaos.

"we do not have cyber or other insurance in place that covers this attack" (parent company)

What is NotPetya?

It is a type of ransomware that blocks access to your computer and its data, then demands money to unlock it. This malware encrypts the documents and files on your computer that can only seemingly be released if you pay the ‘bitcoin’ ransom. Although there is no way to retrieve it even if you do pay.

Such malicious software attacks on large companies are on the increase. But is it really about money? Experts believe that it is simply an extremely effective way of causing as much destruction as possible to businesses and the economy.

What should you do if you believe your computer has been compromised?

Ransomware typically infects a computer, waits for an hour and then reboots to start the encryption process.

To limit the damage:

- Switch the computer off as it starts to reboot, this can prevent files being encrypted. Then try and ‘rescue’ the files from the machine.

- Don’t pay the ransom. You will not be able to get a key to retrieve the files anyway.

- Disconnect your PC from the internet. Reformat your hard drive and reinstall your files from back up.

- Make sure that you keep your anti-virus software up to date and back up files regularly.

Some kind words from one of our customers:

JDVL - Collecting and delivering
"The staff on the Links Courier Ltd phone were very helpful in arranging to collect a parcel from an airport and delivering it to my house and the cost was a lot less than it would have cost me to drive to collect it. Very good service. Thank you."

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