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Criminal gangs are using phones to con unsuspecting victims out of their hard earned cash and are posing as police officers over the phone to do this. In Greater Manchester they have been targeting people in their 80s and 90s and ringing them up and telling there has been a fraud on their card and they need to phone their bank immediately. The problem for the victim is that the criminal posing as a police office doesn`t hang up and so when the victim thinks they are phoning their bank they are actually talking to the criminals.

This fraud is known as "courier fraud" because unsuspecting courier messengers are sent to homes to pick up the bank cards. Some phone companies are planning to change the time that a phone line can be kept open to curb this awful crime.

Thankfully for us we have not had any business dealing with such criminals, but feel the need to inform our visitors and clients, so you can all be aware of what is going on.


Some guidance from Ofcom

  • If you have concerns about a call, phone the police non-emergency number 101 on a different telephone or allow at least five minutes for the line to clear.
  • You should never give your PIN or bank card to anyone. Keep passwords and PINs safe – don’t write them down and don’t disclose them.
  • Police and banks will never ask for your PIN or bank card. If you are contacted by someone who asks for these, hang up.

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