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Same Day Direct Delivery Only Service

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Same Day Deliveries of Packages, Parcels and Pallets of Direct Only Basis

We offer a Direct Delivery Only Service on a Same Day Basis. This means that the client`s parcel, package or document can only be delivered to the commercial or residential address that the client provided. This will mean and stop the recipient of the delivery redirecting the packages and also means the courier will not reroute the package if nobody is home, in the office or the premises and no signature is necessary. Direct Delivery in short only happened successfully when Driver Release or Letter Box Release occurs and there is not a need for a signature unless expressly mentioned.

Reducing Package Delivery Fraud

This process reduces the possibility of fraud, where the fraudster would have a package delivered to a proper address and once signed for would re-route this package somewhere else. Therefore the delivery can only happen to the address on the label and that address only. This service carries an Insurance Value of up to £50000.

With this method of making sure that the package is only delivered to the address on the label, it adds a greater level of security for sellers and merchants when shipping out their goods that have been purchased. An example of what could happen without this is where the fraudster has some stolen credit cards and he has them shipped to the card`s actual address and then had the package rerouted to the address they prefer and where they can actually pick up the goods without being noticed. This could cost thousands each time and harm the image of the companies involved.

There can be many legitimate reasons to reroute a package e.g. the customer when placing the order didn’t think that it would be delivered when they were at work and needed it changed to accommodate this. While others may want to surprise someone special and have it shipped to an alternate address.

Ways to avoid this type of fraud:

1. Tracking the order

  • Address change – review new address and see if it matches or related to the previous address e.g. phone number/email seems real.
  • When the package is rerouted makes sure you are informed.
  • Agreement – can the package be re-routed after leaving the warehouse or not.

2. Contact Details Scrutinisation

The purchaser will avoid providing a phone number or email that relates to the victim, in case the merchant wants to contact them.

  • VOIP phone number is used e.g. skype – can flag up a fraudster is using one.
  • Wrong and inactive email addresses – can mean a package purchased maybe going to the wrong recipient of the card involved –the age of the email address is a good indicator of legitimacy.
  • Use of a proxy server – may indicate that is from a fraudster who is trying to hide his location via a hidden IP address.

The use of Proxy IP Addresses, VoIP numbers and email account that are out of date, wrongly typed or inactive do not always mean that it is from a fraudster, but it can certainly raises some flags that need to be investigated further.

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